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PAAJAF Foundation is proud to welcome YOU to its project’s page.  

Since the beginning of PAAJAF Foundation in 2007, our priority has been to provide the opportunity of a better future to disadvantaged people in Ghana through education. PAAJAF provides charitable services in line with its mission to support children, youth and adults in Ghana. The PAAJAF school (PEI) embraces a holistic educational approach while providing an inviting and safe space for our community. We proudly see our students taking new steps towards fresh directions in life in each year. Our educational programs also focus on providing prevention education about communicable diseases, healthy hygiene habits, sports and emotional wellbeing for students and their parents.  

NEW: Now we have charitable organization in the U.S. called “FRIENDS OF PAAJAF” which is 501(c)(3) charity organizationthat adopts all PAAJAF Foundation’s projects to help achieve our vision and mission in Ghana.  


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Poverty Level 45.1%
Gbawe Community