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Help youth and women become entrepreneurs

Let’s end poverty and illiteracy in Ghana. You can change lives from any simple action.

Give the gift of digital literacy

Give the gift of digital literacy helps to bring computational thinking and coders in PAAJAF Educational Institute (PEI) classroom and youth in the Gbawe community.

Computer literacy

Help us run family learning centre in Gbawe, Ghana

The project establishes a scholarship school education to supplement the government agenda at the formal education, and as well support adult literacy education.

Building Construction for FLC in Gbawe

We need to build a permanent school to help educate disadvantaged children and women in Ghana. We want to buy 2 plots of land – help us raise the...

Help equip our classrooms

This project helps equip the school with classroom furniture such as chairs and desks, also, reference books and basic science supplies for preschool and primary 1 classroom.