Who We Are

by | Feb 11, 2020


PAAJAF Foundation

PAAJAF stands for ’Providing Adolescents and Adults Jobs for Advancement in Future’. PAAJAF Foundation was established in 2007 by Juliet Adusei, a like-minded teacher, and Philip Appiah Kyei who was once one of the underprivileged children of the community, the Gbawe region (Great Accra). Philip conducted a comprehensive study about education conditions with a teacher in their community and they found the following fundamental disturbing facts:

  • Only one public school existed for a population of 44,000.
  • Eager children were unable to attend school due to lack of funds from their families.
  • The quality and programs of education were not sufficient.
  • The illiteracy rate in Ghana is over 45%.

The foundation provides solutions to these issues while offering free education for both children and adults that benefits to entire families.

“When you support PAAJAF, you equip underprivileged children and families to meet a future that is full of opportunities, safer, happier and dignified.”

– Philip Appiah, PAAJAF Foundation CEO

PAAJAF’s ultimate goal is to build its own school that will serve the entire community as an education and event centre in Gbawe. Our objective is to provide education, marketing, business development, operations and legal support for PAAJAF Foundation in a highly professional way while our presence in the US provides access for a wider variety of grant and fundraising channels. PAAJAF foundation consists of highly skilled, enthusiastic, volunteer professionals located in 5 continents, representing a strongly diverse community.

PAAJAF Foundation – Board Of Directors

Philip Appiah

Co-Founder and CEO

Micheal J. Amponsah

Board Secretary

Peter Ackah

Board Chairman

Friends of PAAJAF

Friends of PAAJAF is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit charity established in the USA in 2020 by three former PAAJAF Foundation volunteers.

Friends of PAAJAF’s mission is to support all of PAAJAF Foundation’s goals. By establishing Friends of PAAJAF as a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit incorporated in North Carolina, the US affiliate organization enables US donors to make tax deductible donations in addition to permitting us to apply for US-based grants.

     – Paul Graf, President, Friends of PAAJAF

Friends Of PAAJAF – Board Of Directors

Paul E. Graf

 President and Board Chairman

Anett Tscheligi


Melissa Philadelphia



We believe that any barrier can be overcome and should not prevent a person from realizing future aspirations.


We believe that education is the tool to empower needy communities by helping them acquire skills needed to alleviate poverty, and upward mobility.


PAAJAF operates a strict equal opportunity and open access policy accepting individuals and groups irrespective of ethnicity, gender, disability or personal circumstance.