Coronavirus Response Support

The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading day by day all over the world and infecting millions of people, causing major economic disruption as well. The PAJAAF school in Accra has closed to protect our students, staff, and community.
Our Covid-19 aid package is used for looking after our students and teachers during the crisis and provides them daily food. Moreover, we will have to implement health safety regulations and disinfection practices to re-open the school. This will require further investments.
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PAAJAF Foundation (Providing Adolescents and Adults Jobs for Advancement in Future) is dedicated to improve the quality of life thru education in the Gbawe region in Ghana, Africa.

We believe that education is the key for the fundamental transformation of our community on the way towards a prosperous future. PAAJAF – being the only NGO in the region – provides access and sources for quality, modern education for both underprivileged children (from age 2 to 14) and illiterate adults.

While the education curriculum is fully compliant with the Ghanian standard set up by the local government, PAAJAF extended it by such topics as environmental protection, public health, diversity, IT, and sports education that differentiates us from other local schools. We believe our children will grow to be responsible global citizens by this comprehensive approach.


Providing high-quality education to underprivileged children in Gbawe that empowers them to transform their lives.


End poverty in African Gbawe (Ghana) through Education.


We are very proud of the commitment and excellent work of our professional staff and our international group of highly skilled volunteers who work day and night to make our dream come true. Obviously, PAAJAF couldn’t be successful without the continuous and generous support of our sponsors and donors.

You have the power to influence lives.



Societies have to be environment-conscious and discover the power of ‘team-work’ to build a sustainable future in harmony with their ecosystems. We want to develop a model for the Gbawe community while it would grow to a prosperous suburb, a ‘village in the city’ that will have the skills and power to drive its own future.


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